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100% secure and encrypted
Your sensitive information will not be sold.
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Get paid
from businesses who use your data online every day.
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It’s impossible to stop apps from spying on you.
But now you can earn Crypto when it happens.
Most of the popular apps you already use are tracking your key strokes and location data – without explicitly asking you for permission. Even if you use an ad blocker or VPN, you can still be monitored and tracked.
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Try our Keyboard 3.0 and start earning while typing
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Selective data trading
Only trade your data when you want it to
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Voice-Typing, Emoji, and More
keyboard 3.0 comes with themes, autocorrect and more
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Coin Telegraph News
Providing up-to-date info, analysis, and insights
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Crypto Wallet Included
Send and receive crypto, and make trades for FREE
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Decentralized Browser
A new era of online freedom and privacy
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Google Search
Keyboard 3.0 lets you search using google
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Get to know our
Privacy Policy
Your Data, Your Control

We process information based solely on your interactions with our services. Your choices and preferences guide how we handle your data. Unlike other platforms, we don't rely on third-party data without your explicit consent.
Equal Privacy Rights for All
At UNBLOK, privacy is universal. Unlike many big tech companies that grant privacy privileges selectively, we treat all users equally. Every user, regardless of location, enjoys the same privacy rights.
Transparent Data Management
Your data is valuable, and we treat it with utmost care. UNBLOK retains your data for only 30 days, and after this period, it's automatically deleted. You also have the power to request data deletion before the 30-day mark. This is a stark contrast to big tech companies that hold onto data for extended periods, even when it doesn't align with user interests.
When you engage with our services, you are in control, and your privacy is our commitment.

Have questions or want to exercise your privacy rights? Reach out to our dedicated team – we're here for you.
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