UNBLOK gives your business unparalleled access to customer data directly from their phone. You get more precise and comprehensive data than ever before, including location, keyword usage, and online shopping habits.
We have data that’s not available anywhere else. Not even Facebook or Google have this much insight – and you can access all this actionable data for FREE with our innovative new NFTs
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Unlike other NFTs that give you ownership of images or objects, UNBLOK NFTs contain user data mined directly from their phones using our patent-pending keyboard.
Users willingly trade their data in exchange for crypto rewards – so you don’t have to worry about privacy violations and limitations from Facebook, Google, and other advertising platforms.
With our powerful NFTs, you can delve into the deepest corners of your customers' online activities: extracting keywords, understanding their preferences, and pinpointing their locations. This invaluable information allows you to refine your marketing strategies, target prospects with precision, and optimize your offerings to better meet their needs.
If your marketing costs have been skyrocketing due to new privacy tools and policy changes, UNBLOK can give you the precise marketing advantage you need to succeed.
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UNBLOK doesn’t just improve marketing for businesses. We also give consumers unprecedented control over how their data is used – and reward them with crypto payments.
By participating in our platform and exchanging their data for cryptocurrency, customers become active participants in the digital economy. They gain control over their own data and have the opportunity to monetize it, receiving tangible assets for their valuable information.
With UNBLOK, customers are no longer passive data providers; they become valued partners in shaping the digital landscape.
This also means that consumers are no longer driven to side-step data collection. As ad blockers and privacy tools become more prevalent, UNBLOK will keep an open line of communication between you and your customers.
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Benefits for
Both Parties
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Traditional digital marketing involves taking user data without their consent, which creates animosity, distrust, and conflict: users naturally want to prevent companies from getting useful data that is essential to their growth and survival online.
UNBLOK creates a system that benefits everyone, all while being 100% transparent.
Our NFTs collect user data directly from their phones' keyboards, all while paying customers with cryptocurrency through our app. This means your business gains an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at your customers while they are incentivized for their participation.
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Global Insights that Go Beyond
Individual Websites
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When you run ads on Google, Facebook, or TikTok, your ability to target users is limited: Facebook only knows what people do when they’re on Facebook.
UNBLOK creates a system that benefits everyone, all while being 100% transparent.
But UNBLOK collects data directly from customers’s keyboards, across dozens of apps and websites.
This means you get insights that even the world’s most powerful advertising engines don’t have.
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Join us on this groundbreaking journey as we reshape the way businesses harness the power of customer data.
UNBLOK gives you a competitive edge and transforms the way you market and provide services to your customers. Be the first to use this new kind of customer data and grow your business before your competitors discover the best-kept secret in digital marketing.